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Beyond Steel

Hyundai Steel,   Integrated Report 2022

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Beyond Steel

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Learning from the value of steel, which circulates more than 40 times, Hyundai Steel will fulfill its responsibility for a circular economy, sustainable society and responsible business activities, and usher in a sustainable future together with its customers, employees, suppliers and local communities.

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3 Major Points of ESG

  • Environment

    Circular Economy

    Creating an eco-friendly ecosystem to promote a resource circulating economy for the global community and future generations.

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  • Society

    Sustainable Community

    Encouraging participation from stakeholders to develop the local community and to create social values.

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  • Governance

    Responsible Business

    Creating a safe and secure future through human-centered and innovative technological development, and creating a sound management.

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Integrated Report 2022

Hyundai Steel has been publishing an integrated report which combines both the sustainability report and the annual report annually since 2016. The purpose is to disclose its activities and performance of sustainability management to stakeholders, and from 2021 the report has been issued in a web-based format to improve access. The contents of the 2022 Integrated Report are divided into five categories for an easier understanding of our efforts and achievements; Overview, Management, Performance, Factbook, and Appendix.

2022 Integrated Report Download

Collecting opinions from stakeholders

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